Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get involved?

It is easy to get involved! Simply attend any of our events listed under the Updates page or on our Facebook page, some events may require you to RSVP in advance. 

In order to qualify for certain events including but not limited to clinic trips, you must have an active membership.


how long does the membership fee last?

The annual $35.00 membership fee lasts for an entire academic school year. Regardless of when you pay your membership fees, your membership will be valid from the beginning of Fall Quarter until the end of Summer. 


What if I am not a pre-health student?

No problem! We welcome participants of all majors who are willing to contribute to our cause.


Do I need to attend general meetings to participate in this club?

No. Attending general meetings are not mandatory, but they are definitely encouraged to bond with your fellow club members, to listen to our special guests/panels, and to stay up-to-date with our latest events!

One point will be granted for your presence at each general meeting, but it is by no means the only way of obtaining points for our Clinic Trips consideration. 


What are points and how do i earn them?

Points are used to help our Clinic Coordinators decide who will be selected to attend the monthly clinic trips. They provide a means of quantifying one's participation in club events and activities. 

It is easy to earn points, attend our events (general meetings, socials, fundraisers, volunteering events, or committee meetings).

The amount of points allocated per event varies.



Nope! Like all clinics, we are open year round. The clinic is open during the summer and we are usually in need of more drivers and Spanish speaking translators.


Do I have to attend a clinic trip?

No. Clinic trips are not mandatory but they represent a highlight of our club as an amazing experience for anyone, particularly pre-health participants. 


How do I get on trips and am i required to speak spanish??

To be eligible for a clinic trip, you must have an active membership. Our Clinic Coordinators will select participants based on the number of points each applicant earned, as well as their activity in the club.

You are not required to speak Spanish to attend these trips. If you cannot speak Spanish, you will be paired with a Spanish-speaking translator. 


If I have already graduated, can I attend Flying Samaritans clinic trips?

Yes. However, you are subject to the same point system that governs active undergraduate Flying Samaritans general members.

If I am not a student from UCI, can I attend Flying Samaritans clinic trips?

Yes. You are required to be an active member, meaning you must pay the $35 membership fee. However, due to the demand and limited amount of spots available for each clinic trip, you will more likely be selected if you sign up as a driver.

Do I need A passport to attend clinic trips?

Yes, it is mandatory for all clinic trip participants to possess a VALID, non-expired Passport or a U.S. Permanent Residents Card (also known as a green card). If you are not a U.S. permanent resident or citizen, your passport MUST contain a visa that grants you re-entry to the United States.

If you have any questions or are unsure, please contact us.


Why did I not get on a clinic trip?

Clinic Coordinators select attendees on each clinic trip based on necessity and participation.

Priority is given to drivers and translators, without whom we cannot operate. After drivers are selected, we compare the total accumulated points to make a holistic decision.

We strive to give everyone an equal opportunity to attend at least one clinic trip during the academic year. You may check your points by looking to the signature found in any officer's email.


How Many points do i have?

You may check the total amount of points you have at anytime. At the bottom of every email, there is a direct link to the points totals.

If you are missing points or discover any discrepancies, please contact us so we can fix it as soon as possible.

Where is the Flying Samaritans clinic?

Our clinic, Clinica Jose Lemus Lopez, is located in El Testerazo, Mexico.