Need a Letter of Recommendation? 

Our medical providers have offered to write letters of recommendation to members who are actively involved with Flying Samaritans. To be considered actively involved in Flying Samaritans, you must show that you are committed to our organization.

To show active participation, you are recommended to participate in:

         ‣ General Meetings

         ‣ Committee Meetings

         ‣ Outside Community Events

         ‣ Clinic Trips

         ‣ Relay for Life

         ‣ Annual Charity Banquet

This is a great opportunity to showcase your commitment and persistence by continually giving back to the less fortunate communities around you. Graduate or health professional schools would be exhilarated to discover that you were a committed member of an organization and an integral part to ensuring an operable student-run free healthcare clinic. 

Note: This does not guarantee you a letter of recommendation. Our provider(s) will write recommendations at their own discretion based on your commitment and/or participation to Flying Samaritans at UCI.


Please do not let your financial situation prevent you from getting involved. If you have any questions or concerns regarding letter of recommendations, contact our president at