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UCI Ultrafest

  • UCI Medical Education Building (map)

UltraFest is an annual event hosted by UCI’s School of Medicine in which medical students and physicians come to learn/teach about point-of-care ultrasound technology, in more settings than just pregnancies as you will see for yourself. This is especially a unique opportunity for you all to connect with those in the medical field and what better place than UC Irvine, with its well-established ultrasound program!

Volunteer Logistics:

Now that you know about the event, we will go into what you all will be doing as volunteer models for that day. There are two shifts available: morning (8am-12pm) and afternoon (12pm-3:30pm), or you can sign up to do both. Those who are volunteering the full day will receive FREE lunch. As I am placing each volunteer model in their station, full day volunteer models will be prioritized and it will be first-come, first-serve since there is a limited slots available. There will also be a waitlist, in the event that someone drops from the event. As an ultrasound standardized patient (USP), the medical students will practice their ultrasound skills on you during each session. Below is a short list of common scans that were done at last year’s UltraFest:

Cardiac (chest): If you’re worried about exposing breast tissue, many USPs wear sports bras
Abdominal (abdomen/flank)
Deep Vein Thrombosis (upper legs/hip)
Musculoskeletal (arms/shoulders)
eFAST (abdomen/hip/upper pelvis)
And more!

However, if you are NOT COMFORTABLE with exposing (say for example your hip), there will be a question on the google form attached for me to know your preferences. You will be wearing a patient gown and there will be towels/sheets to maintain your privacy, and only expose what is necessary for the scan.

I know this is a huge amount of information, but the event is still relatively distant from now, please check you email occasionally for another email in regards to volunteer placement. As for now, sign up if you can and I’ll be in contact with you all soon!

Best regards, 
Derek Tran

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